My Workout Today: ZWOW #2

This is my 2nd time completing the ZWOW #2 workout. Today was a crazy, busy day and I didn’t have time to check my previous time before I started. My hope…that I’d beat my previous time.

Anyway, tonight I took a peak at my notes from last time and I smoked my previous time!

Tip: It’s so important to take notes and keep track of your time, reps, weight used, etc during and after a workout. It allows you to watch your progress and it’s evidence that all the work you’re doing is paying off. Often I look at my numbers before I start and push myself to beat my previous scores. It’s a fantastic motivation technique.

ZWOW #2 Workout Breakdown

Manmakers – 5 reps
Low Burpee Hops – 20 reps
Twisted Push-ups – 10 reps
Competition Situps – 25 reps

3 rounds for time

My Workout Recap

I used a set of 10 pound dumbbells today.

Round One – 5:26.2
Manmakers with push-ups from toes; twisted push-ups from knees

Round Two – 5:14. 9
Manmakers with push-ups from knees; twisted push-ups from knees

Round Three – 5:19.5
Manmakers with push-ups from toes; twisted push-ups from knees

I finished the workout in 16:01. Then I did a quick 4 minute jump rope Tabata.

My time on Jan. 30, 2012 was 24:28.8. I beat this time by 35%. That feels amazing!

Watch the ZWOW #2 videos.

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