4 Minute Fit Body Workout – Rep Challenge


Here’s a quick workout from Zuzka Light that I completed after Real Time Cardio Intensity #9 on Saturday.


Workout Recap

My legs were dead that this point in my workout. I completed one full round and then did an addition 30 reps of sumo squats per side. I used my 40 lb Sandbag.

Check out my workout stats here.

Real Time Cardio Intensity #9 – My Workout Today


Here’s my workout for today. It’s a cardio HIIT workout with 3 parts.

First I’ll share how it’s written on Loving Fit. In the workout recap, I’ll share how I modified it.

Workout Recap

I wanted a slightly longer workout so I added 2 extra rounds to each part.

Part One
8 rounds 35/15
2 Twist Jumps, Drop Down, Roll Over, Push Off – 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4

Crab Jump Kicks – 20 reps
Crab Toe Touches – 30 reps

Part Two
8 rounds 35/15
Plank Side Jumps and Push Off: 6, 6, 6, 6
High Knees with Jump Rope: 36, 40, 37, 33

Crab Jump Kicks – 20 reps
Crab Toe Touches – 30 reps

Part Three
8 rounds 35/15
2 Side Jump Lunges Jump Up & Side Jump Lunge: 10, 10, 10, 10, 8, 10 , 10, 10

Crab Jump Kicks – 20 reps
Crab Toe Touches – 30 reps

I added the 4 Minute Fit Body workout (I’ll share it later).

Workout Stats

Total Time: 42:43
Calories Burned: 505
Max Heart Rate 171

Dragons & Rockets Workout – Rep Challenge

Here’s my workout of the day. It’s FUN and challenging.

Dragons & Rockets Workout Tutorial

Workout Recap

I started with a Tabata to warmup.

Dragon Walks (not jumps)
Rocket Launches (with 40 lb Sandbag)
Superman Power Ups (all with my feet leaving the floor; most with my hands too)
1 Leg Burpee Combo
Leg Drop Crunch

I completed 5 rounds in 27:11.5.
Round 1: 5:36
Round 2: 5:24.8
Round 3: 5:49.4
Round 4: 5:28.1
Round 5: 4:52.7 (woot!)

My proud moment…when I realized that I could do the superman power ups. I love them!

I finished up my workout today with the same Tabata that I warmed up with, stability balls crunches and wood choppers and stretching.

After dinner, I showed the boys Melissa doing the dragon walks (aka jumps) and we had so much fun trying all sorts of exercises. Jack (my 5 year old) performed a perfect burpee and Kaden (my 7 year old) mastered a ninja jump tuck.

Workout Stats

Total Workout Time: approx. 50 minutes with a child needing assistance after my warmup :)
Calories Burned: 476
Max Heart Rate 166
Sandbag Weight: 40 lb

Check out this week’s free workout schedule.

Time to Kick Your Butt Workout – Rep Challenge


Here’s the workout that I completed after Let’s Get Dirty Workout.

Workout Recap

I completed this as a 7 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) because I needed to go pick up the boys from school. It’s a perfect workout for an AMRAP and I pushed myself.

I got through 2 full rounds + the sandbag swings, squat & press and 13 jump squats in round 3. I used my 40 lb. sandbag.

Checkout my workout stats over here.


Let’s Get Dirty HIIT Workout – My Workout Today


Here’s the first part of my workout today.

Workout Recap

Push-up with Side Elbow Tuck: 8, 10, 7 (knees for push-up)
2 Jumps, Jump Tuck: 10, 11, 12 (I took out the 3 push-ups)
3 Jump Lunge Kick Out: 11, 11, 14
Jumping Mountain Climbers: 40, 41, 42
One Leg Push-up with Twist: 6, 8, 9 (knees)
Elevated Plank Knee Drive Reptile: 14, 14, 16

I also completed a 7 minute AMRAP of the Time to Kick Your Butt workout. I only had that much time left before I needed to pick up the boys. After we got back home, we headed to the park. I walk/ran while pushing the Burley with Lindi and the boys rode their bike (total trip about 4 miles).

Workout Stats

Indoor Workouts
Total Time: 31:51
Calories Burned: 384
Max Heart Rate: 172

Total Time: 1:00.1
Calories Burned: 429
Max Heart Rate: 152

Sweat Like Crazy Workout – Rep Challenge

Here’s the workout that I did on Friday. It’s a rep challenge and I loved it!

Workout Recap

I completed 5 rounds in 24:52.5.

  1. 4:55.9
  2. 4:51.9
  3. 5:02.4
  4. 5:03.8
  5. 4:55.8

I changed the last exercise to knee drive followed by a reptile (still with one foot on the ball). I don’t have the flexibility or the strength (not sure which) to do the side kick. My push back push-ups were from my knees. I left out the tuck on the 180 touch downs until round 3, 4, and 5.

Workout Stats

Total Workout Time: 37:30
Calories Burned: 416 calories
Max Heart Rate: 176
Favorite Exercise: Long Leap, 4x Jump Lunges

It’s All You Bodyweight Workout – 12 Minute HIIT

I was short on time today so I picked a short one. It’s written to be 12 minutes. I added one more round to make it 16 minutes.

It’s All You Bodyweight Workout

The Daily Hiit

Set your interval timer for 12 rounds 10 seconds rest, 50 seconds work (16 rounds if you want a 16 minute workout)

No equipment needed, just a interval timer

Long Jump Burpee Jump Tuck
Dive Bomber
Push-up Spider Cross Under
Crab Touch

Complete a total of 3 rounds (or 4 rounds).

Workout Recap

Long Jump Burpee Jump Tuck: 5.5, 5.5, 5.5, 5.5
Dive Bomber (knees): 9, 10, 10, 10
Push-up Spider Cross Under: 8.5, 9.5, 9, ?
Crab Touch: 31, 34, 36, 36

Workout Stats

Total Workout Time: 25:33
Calories Burned: 235 calories
Max Heart Rate: 166

Put It Down Workout – My Workout Today


This workout made me feel strong! It was challenging and fun at the same time. Definitely one of my favorites!


Workout Recap

I used an alternative warm-up because I already had it written down in my notebook. I’ll share it later.

Burpee Box Jump: 6.5, 6.5, 6.5
Tricep Dips: 28, switched to dip station: 19, 20
Squat Kick Out (4) Jump Lunges (4): 4, 4, 4 + 2
Sandbag Clean & 2 Presses: 8, 8, 8
Sandbag Squat: 21, 22, 24
Push-up with Sandbag Drag: 9, 11.5, 11
Bicep Curls: 13, 13, 14

I finished up with the “warm-up”. There isn’t time to write down reps so I kept track of my highest and lowest round.

Half Burpees: high 7, low 5
Ab Tucks: high 10, low 6

Workout Stats

Total Workout Time: 39:58
Calories Burned: 469 cal
Max Heart Rate: 171
Sandbag Weight: 40 lb.

Daily Burnout #1: Legs, Butt and Thighs Workout – Workout #2


It’s been a crazy couple of weeks (read more about it on Give Me Neither). I’ve been getting my workouts in, but haven’t had the time to post about it.

Here’s the 2nd workout that I did on Wednesday after the Werk Your Twerk workout. It’s also a lower body focused workout.


Workout Recap

Squats with Sandbag: 26, 24
Wide Leg Squats with Sandbag: 24, 25
Lunge Left with Sandbag: 23, 18
Lunge Right with Sandbag: 39, 19
Left Leg Step Knee Ups with Sandbag: 15, 17
Right Leg Step Knee Ups with Sandbag: 16, 19
Squat and Side Oblique Lift with Sandbag: 16, 19
Squat and Press with Sandbag: 16, 16

I used my 40 lb Sandbag for this workout, but switched to my 12 lb Ugi ball for the lunges in the 2nd round. I also kept stepping out of lunge position rather than just going up and down. That’s why my lunge numbers are rather inconsistent.

I felt under the weather the day that I did this workout and definitely wasn’t able to push myself like usual.

I paired this with the Werk Your Twerk workout and you’ll find the workout stats there.

Werk Your Twerk Workout – My Workout Today

Werk Your Twerk HIIT Workout I’ve been working out, but I’m a little (ok, a lot) behind posting about it.

Last night I didn’t have time to exercise until after the boys were in bed. Lindi “worked out” with me. Here’s one of the workouts that I did.

Workout Recap

Part One
Lunge Back Kick Out Left: 13.5, 13, 13, 13
Lunge Back Kick Out Right: 12, 12.5, 11, 12
Elevated Reptiles: 23, 24, 24, 24
Squat Pulses: 42, 42, 42, 43
Burpees with Jump over Bag: 6, 6, 6.5, 6 (push-ups from knees)

Part Two
Burn the Bridge – took me 4:49.0

Workout Stats

These stats include the other leg workout that I paired with it: Daily Burnout #1: Legs, Butt and Thighs Workout.

Sandbag Weight: 40 lb
Max Heart Rate: 165
Calories Burned: 509 (212 from this workout)
Total Workout Time: 48:14