ZWOW #7 Time Challenge – My Workout Today



My Workout Recap

I first did ZWOW #7 back in March 9, 2012. My sandbag bag weighed 30 lb.
3 rounds took me 14:55
4 rounds took me 19:41.8

My times for today (July 14, 2013).

3 rounds in 14:19.4 (improved time by 4%)
4 rounds in 18:50.2 (improved time by 4.5%)

I used a 40 lb sandbag (33% increase in weight) for the love bends. I modified the push-ups from my knees. For the two minute jump rope intervals, I jumped rope for part of the time and did high knees for the remainder of the time. My jump roping is a bit clumsy…I’m working on it.

To finish out my workout, I completed this 4 minute BodyRipped Tabata, followed by Loving Fit Real Time Abs & Core Strength workout.

Workout Stats (for all 3)

Sandbag Weight: 40 lb
Total Time: 46:51
Calories Burned: 476
Max Heart Rate: 178 (during 4 minute Tabata)

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