ZWOW #4 – My Daily Workout

ZWOW #4 Workout Breakdown

50 Pendulum Swings
20 Burpees with push-up
15 Kettlebell Swings
10 Push-up & Leg Twist
5 Squats
2 minutes skipping

3 rounds for time. Complete it as fast as you’re able without sacrificing form.

Equipment Needed
Kettlebell (or dumbbell or sandbag)
Jump Rope (or sub high knees)


This was my workout on Wednesday.

I used my 40 lb. Sandbag for the swings instead of a kettlebell. The majority of my push-ups done from my knees.

I finished up with 20 weighted sit-ups with my sandbag and 20 hanging knee raises from my dip station.

The Stats

Round One: 7:38.9
Round Two: 7:44.8
Round Three: 7:55.5
Total Time: 23:19.8
40 lb. Sandbag
Total workout 39:17
Max heart rate 172
410 calories

Last time I completed this workout in 27:31.5 (Feb 18, 2012) and I used a 23 lb sandbag. That’s a decrease of 15% in time and an increase by 74% in weight. I realize now that I forgot to do the toe touch for the push-up & leg twists.

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