ZWOW #3 Rooftop Workout

ZWOW #3 Workout Breakdown

Split Squat Jumps Left
Split Squat Jumps Right
Weighted One Leg Lunge Left
Weighted One Leg Lunge Right
Push-up Superman
Skaters (both sides = 1 rep)

This is a pyramid style workout.
1st round – 5 reps
2nd round – 10 reps
3rd round – 15 reps
4th round – 10 reps
5th round – 5 reps

Complete it as fast as you’re able without sacrificing form.


Here’s how I completed ZWOW #3 on Tuesday.

I added an extra level to the pyramid: 5, 10, 15, 20, 15, 10, 5. This is the way I completed the workout back on Feb 16, 2012 and wanted to compare my time. I upped my weight from 16 lb to 40 lb (an increase of 150%). I placed my sandbag on my upper back, instead of holding dumbbells at my side.

My time yesterday was 26:13, beating my previous time of 28:24. I modified some of the superman push-ups on my knees.

I finished up with a jump rope Tabata (8 rounds 20/10).

The Stats

ZWOW #3 26:13
40 lb. Sandbag
Total workout 40:41
Max heart rate 170
464 calories

I feel this one today!

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