No Excuses HIIT Workout – 28 Minutes


Here’s the workout that I did to finish out 2013.

Workout Recap

Bag Drag Pushups (knees): 12, 11.5, 12, 11.5
Bag Low Step Back: 30, 32, 33, 34
Crab Toe Touches: 32, 34, 33, 33
Press-ups: 19, 20 , 18 , 19
Rocket Launchers: 17, 18, 18, 19
Ball Toss Sit Ups: 22, 25, 25, 25
180 Degree Touchdowns (with Ugi): 27, 29, 27, 30

Workout Stats

Ugi Weight: 12 lb
Sandbag Weight: 40 lb
Calories Burned: 402
Max Heart Rate: 162
Total Workout Time: 40:08

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Fun and Hardcore Workout – My Workout Today


Here’s my workout for the day and I got it done this morning! This was a push-up HEAVY workout. I went into it planning to do 5 rounds which includes a total of 300 push-ups. I’ll explain what I ended up doing in the workout recap.

Workout Recap

Round One
Inchworm pushup combo from my toes, knee pushups for the rest of the round
Round Two
All push-ups from my knees
Round Three
Only did one push-up for every inchworm. All push-ups from my knees.
Round Four
Back up to 3 push-ups per inchworm. All push-ups from my knees.

I decided to keep it at 4 rounds, because my push-up form was suffering (AKA looking like a flopping seal). I completed the 4 rounds in 39:13.2.

Fun and Hardcore workout

I finished up the workout with 50 bonus squat pulses with my 40 lb sandbag.

I have a really hard time crying uncle during a workout and yet I needed to do that today. I still got an amazing workout and completed 240 push-ups.

And the burpee roll back + tuck…FUN!

Workout Stats

Total Workout Time: 51:48
Calories Burned: 596
Max Heart Rate: 167
Sandbag Weight: 40 lb.
Ball Weight: 8 lb (I used my 8 lb Reebok Soft Weighted Ball)

Increase Your Intensity HiitReps #20 – My Workout Today


Short and sweet workout for today. I didn’t feel like jumping around today and this one fit the bill. I love that it includes some old school BodyRock moves.

Workout Recap

I completed 5 rounds. Here is my time and my split for each round.

Increase Your Intensity Workout

I used my dip station, 40 lb Sandbag and used my 12 lb Ugi Ball for the front raise squats. For the dips, I put my Ugi ball out in front of my dip station and rested my feet on it.

Workout Stats

Total Workout Time: 22:05
Calories Burned: 197 calories
Max Heart Rate: 161

Perfect workout for today.

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Sweat Like Crazy Workout – Rep Challenge

Here’s the workout that I did on Friday. It’s a rep challenge and I loved it!

Workout Recap

I completed 5 rounds in 24:52.5.

  1. 4:55.9
  2. 4:51.9
  3. 5:02.4
  4. 5:03.8
  5. 4:55.8

I changed the last exercise to knee drive followed by a reptile (still with one foot on the ball). I don’t have the flexibility or the strength (not sure which) to do the side kick. My push back push-ups were from my knees. I left out the tuck on the 180 touch downs until round 3, 4, and 5.

Workout Stats

Total Workout Time: 37:30
Calories Burned: 416 calories
Max Heart Rate: 176
Favorite Exercise: Long Leap, 4x Jump Lunges

No Excuses Workout – My Workout Today


This one nearly killed me…

Workout Recap

This was my first workout by Melissa Ioja and she puts together a tough workout! I wanted to die, but LOVED it.

Bag Drop Push-Up: 11.5, 11.5, 11, 11 (knees)
Bag Low Step Backs: 17, 16, 17, 20
Crab Toe Touches: 32, 34, 36, 32
Press Ups with Sandbag: 16, 16, 17, 15 (tough!)
Rocket Launchers: 15, 16, 16, 16
Ball Toss Sit-Ups: 16, 15, 16, 16
180 Degree Touchdowns: 25, 25, 24, 27

Workout Stats

Total Workout time: 39:42
Calories Burned: 448
Max Heart Rate: 169
Sandbag Weight: 40 lb
Ugi Ball: 12 lb

Natural Sweat Workout – TheHiit #11 – My Workout Today


Here’s my workout of the day.

Workout Tutorial

Workout Recap

I wanted to push a little longer than 12 minutes today. I set my timer to 20 rounds 10/50 to make it a 20 minute workout.


Workout Stats

Sandbag Weight: 40 lb.
Ugi Ball: 12 lb.
Total Workout Time: 25:44
Calories Burned: 244 cal
Max Heart Rate: 165

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