100 Burpee Time Challenge Workout


I wasn’t going to workout today and for sure wasn’t going to pick one that had a lot of jumping or burpees.

Well, sometimes plans change.


Workout Recap

Oh my! I loved this workout. It had the perfect balance of jumping around and strength moves plus it kept my heart rate up the whole time. My 10 star burpees at the end must have look pretty pathetic, because I was beat.

I used 20 pounds for the weighted moves and it was the perfect amount for this workout. My goal was to focus on deep squats and that’s why I opted for the 20 lbs instead of using my 40 lb sandbag.

I completed the pushups from my knees. The entire workout took me 33:10.48 and left me dripping in sweat and a beet red face.

Workout Stats

Weight: 20 pounds (2 – 10 pound weights from my T-bar)
Calories Burned: 496
Max Heart Rate: 169
Total Workout Time (including warmup and cool down): 44:59

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ZWOW #7 Time Challenge – My Workout Today




My Workout Recap

I first did ZWOW #7 back in March 9, 2012. My sandbag bag weighed 30 lb.
3 rounds took me 14:55
4 rounds took me 19:41.8

My times for today (July 14, 2013).

3 rounds in 14:19.4 (improved time by 4%)
4 rounds in 18:50.2 (improved time by 4.5%)

I used a 40 lb sandbag (33% increase in weight) for the love bends. I modified the push-ups from my knees. For the two minute jump rope intervals, I jumped rope for part of the time and did high knees for the remainder of the time. My jump roping is a bit clumsy…I’m working on it.

To finish out my workout, I completed this 4 minute BodyRipped Tabata, followed by Loving Fit Real Time Abs & Core Strength workout.

Workout Stats (for all 3)

Sandbag Weight: 40 lb
Total Time: 46:51
Calories Burned: 476
Max Heart Rate: 178 (during 4 minute Tabata)

Real-Time Vivace #86 Full Body Workout – My Workout Today


Real-Time Vivace #86 Full Body Workout


My Workout Recap

I completed this workout as listed above, except I used my Sandbag instead of a Kettlebell. I used both arms for the Single Arm Push-ups.

Burpee Twist: 4.5, 4.5, 4.5
Dead Leg Stretch R with Sandbag: 13, 15, 14
Dead Leg Stretch L with Sandbag: 14, 16, 16
Star Abs: 17, 18, 18
Single Arm Push-ups: 10, 11, 10
Jump Knee Elbow Touch: 27, 30, 29
Split V Toe Touch Abs: 7, 6, 8

I wanted a bit more of a challenge with extra cardio, so here’s what I added at the end of the workout. I really pushed it. I set my Gymboss interval timer to 9 rounds 30/10.

High Knees: 100, 100, 102
Jumping Jacks: 37, 36, 37
Butt Kicks: 71, 71, 70

My Workout Stats

Total Workout Time: 35:10
Calories Burned: 274 cal
Sandbag Weight: 40 lb

ZWOW #4 – My Daily Workout

ZWOW #4 Workout Breakdown

50 Pendulum Swings
20 Burpees with push-up
15 Kettlebell Swings
10 Push-up & Leg Twist
5 Squats
2 minutes skipping

3 rounds for time. Complete it as fast as you’re able without sacrificing form.

Equipment Needed
Kettlebell (or dumbbell or sandbag)
Jump Rope (or sub high knees)


This was my workout on Wednesday.

I used my 40 lb. Sandbag for the swings instead of a kettlebell. The majority of my push-ups done from my knees.

I finished up with 20 weighted sit-ups with my sandbag and 20 hanging knee raises from my dip station.

The Stats

Round One: 7:38.9
Round Two: 7:44.8
Round Three: 7:55.5
Total Time: 23:19.8
40 lb. Sandbag
Total workout 39:17
Max heart rate 172
410 calories

Last time I completed this workout in 27:31.5 (Feb 18, 2012) and I used a 23 lb sandbag. That’s a decrease of 15% in time and an increase by 74% in weight. I realize now that I forgot to do the toe touch for the push-up & leg twists.