ZWOW #2 Workout – Time Challenge


ZWOW #2 Workout Breakdown

Manmakers – 5 reps
Low Burpee Hops – 20 reps
Twisted Push-ups – 10 reps
Competition Situps – 25 reps

3 rounds for time

Equipment: a set of dumbbells


  1. Push-up with hands on dumbbells
  2. Remain in plank postion and row one arm at a time
  3. Jump feet up to squat
  4. Clean & press

Low Burpee Hops

  1. Lateral jump over dumbbells
  2. Squat and thrust legs out to plank
  3. Jump your feet back to squat

Twisted Push-ups

  1. Start in crab position
  2. Rotate over to one leg push-up position push-up
  3. Rotate to crab on the other side

Competition Sit-ups

  1. Lay on your back with soles of your feet touching and knees dropped toward the floor.
  2. Bring your arms above your head with palms of your hands touching
  3. Sit up and reach your hands all the way to past your feet

Part Two of the ZWOW #2

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