100 Burpee Time Challenge Workout


I wasn’t going to workout today and for sure wasn’t going to pick one that had a lot of jumping or burpees.

Well, sometimes plans change.


Workout Recap

Oh my! I loved this workout. It had the perfect balance of jumping around and strength moves plus it kept my heart rate up the whole time. My 10 star burpees at the end must have look pretty pathetic, because I was beat.

I used 20 pounds for the weighted moves and it was the perfect amount for this workout. My goal was to focus on deep squats and that’s why I opted for the 20 lbs instead of using my 40 lb sandbag.

I completed the pushups from my knees. The entire workout took me 33:10.48 and left me dripping in sweat and a beet red face.

Workout Stats

Weight: 20 pounds (2 – 10 pound weights from my T-bar)
Calories Burned: 496
Max Heart Rate: 169
Total Workout Time (including warmup and cool down): 44:59

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Burn Those Calories Away All Day Workout

Here’s the workout that I did today. It’s a bodyweight workout, so no excuses. Watch the video for beginner modifications.

Workout Recap

I completed 5 rounds in 29:20.2.

Round 1 – 5:59.9
Round 2 – 6:05.0
Round 3 – 5:42.5
Round 4 – 5:33.7
Round 5 – 5:58.1

Elevated Push-ups – shins on my workout step, so essentially elevated knee push-ups.
Ninja Jump Tuck Burpees – used hands to assist me up on the ninja jump tucks.
Crunches – Rounds 2 – 5 feet rested on the ground (or I alternated elevating one foot at a time)

Workout Stats

Total Workout Time: 36:43
Calories Burned: 442
Max Heart Rate: 172

Fun and Hardcore Workout – My Workout Today


Here’s my workout for the day and I got it done this morning! This was a push-up HEAVY workout. I went into it planning to do 5 rounds which includes a total of 300 push-ups. I’ll explain what I ended up doing in the workout recap.

Workout Recap

Round One
Inchworm pushup combo from my toes, knee pushups for the rest of the round
Round Two
All push-ups from my knees
Round Three
Only did one push-up for every inchworm. All push-ups from my knees.
Round Four
Back up to 3 push-ups per inchworm. All push-ups from my knees.

I decided to keep it at 4 rounds, because my push-up form was suffering (AKA looking like a flopping seal). I completed the 4 rounds in 39:13.2.

Fun and Hardcore workout

I finished up the workout with 50 bonus squat pulses with my 40 lb sandbag.

I have a really hard time crying uncle during a workout and yet I needed to do that today. I still got an amazing workout and completed 240 push-ups.

And the burpee roll back + tuck…FUN!

Workout Stats

Total Workout Time: 51:48
Calories Burned: 596
Max Heart Rate: 167
Sandbag Weight: 40 lb.
Ball Weight: 8 lb (I used my 8 lb Reebok Soft Weighted Ball)

Holy Grail Workout – My Workout Today

Here’s the workout that I completed today.

Workout Recap

I modified this Burn Fat Fast Tabata for my warm-up and cool down today.
Set my timer to 12 rounds 10/20.
Jumping Jacks
Squat Thrusts
High Knees
Modified Push-ups

Onto the workout…instead of 21 rounds, I changed it to 28 rounds.

Spiderman Kick Through: 4.5, 4.5, 5, 4.5
3 Jump Lunges and Kick Out: 8, 9, 10, 8
Toe Touch Burpees: 4, 4, 4, 4
Plank Walk Get Ups: 4, 4, 4, 4
Straight Leg Crunches: 16, 19, 23, 24 (alternated heels on ground every 5 reps)
Low Step Backs with Sandbag: 18, 16, 18, 18
Over Unders: 8, 8, 10, 8

This workout was upper body heavy which is my struggle. Even though my heart didn’t get super high, this was a challenging workout…a great way to continue to build upper body strength.

My proud moment: I could do the Spiderman Kick Throughs!

Workout Stats

Total Workout Time: 46:30
Calories Burned: 446
Max Heart Rate: 162

I’d love for you to share your scores below or let me know what workout you did today. What was your proud moment?

It’s All You Bodyweight Workout – 12 Minute HIIT

I was short on time today so I picked a short one. It’s written to be 12 minutes. I added one more round to make it 16 minutes.

It’s All You Bodyweight Workout

The Daily Hiit

Set your interval timer for 12 rounds 10 seconds rest, 50 seconds work (16 rounds if you want a 16 minute workout)

No equipment needed, just a interval timer

Long Jump Burpee Jump Tuck
Dive Bomber
Push-up Spider Cross Under
Crab Touch

Complete a total of 3 rounds (or 4 rounds).

Workout Recap

Long Jump Burpee Jump Tuck: 5.5, 5.5, 5.5, 5.5
Dive Bomber (knees): 9, 10, 10, 10
Push-up Spider Cross Under: 8.5, 9.5, 9, ?
Crab Touch: 31, 34, 36, 36

Workout Stats

Total Workout Time: 25:33
Calories Burned: 235 calories
Max Heart Rate: 166

Put It Down Workout – My Workout Today


This workout made me feel strong! It was challenging and fun at the same time. Definitely one of my favorites!


Workout Recap

I used an alternative warm-up because I already had it written down in my notebook. I’ll share it later.

Burpee Box Jump: 6.5, 6.5, 6.5
Tricep Dips: 28, switched to dip station: 19, 20
Squat Kick Out (4) Jump Lunges (4): 4, 4, 4 + 2
Sandbag Clean & 2 Presses: 8, 8, 8
Sandbag Squat: 21, 22, 24
Push-up with Sandbag Drag: 9, 11.5, 11
Bicep Curls: 13, 13, 14

I finished up with the “warm-up”. There isn’t time to write down reps so I kept track of my highest and lowest round.

Half Burpees: high 7, low 5
Ab Tucks: high 10, low 6

Workout Stats

Total Workout Time: 39:58
Calories Burned: 469 cal
Max Heart Rate: 171
Sandbag Weight: 40 lb.

The Walking Dead Workout – My Workout Today

Free-Online-Workout-The-Walking-Dead Here’s my last workout of the week (Monday – Sunday) and it’s a good one. Bodyweight only, so no excuses.


Workout Recap

Like I mentioned yesterday, Melissa from Hot Body Method puts together a tough workout.

Box Jump Burpees: 8, 7, 8
Scorpion Push-ups (toes): 12, 10, 11
Knee Hugs: 18, 19, 18
Ice Skaters: 31, 31, 31
Push Back Push-ups (knees): 16, 15, 15
Roll Back Jump Tucks: 7, 7, 7 (with a little help from my hand)
Jump Abs: 13, 14, 13
Ninja Jump Tuck Burpees: 7, 6, 6
One Leg Push-up Turn Around (knees): 5, 7, 6

In my book, this is the best kind of workout…quick, super intense and I’m dripping in sweat part way through round one…get it done.

Workout Stats

Calories Burned: 434
Total Workout Time: 36:58
Max Heart Rate: 170

My Workout Today – HIIT, Sweat It, Tone It Workout

HIIT Sweat It Tone It Workout

Here’s my workout today. I completed two rounds. I started by alternating cardio options and switched to all burpees after the temple tab abs in round one. I wanted to increase the intensity.

HIIT, Sweat It, Tone It Workout

Melissa Bender Fitness

Curtsy Lunge Hop with weight
Mountain Climber Hop (10 mountain climbers -> hop feet to other side of mat)
Angel Abs
Sumo Push-ups
Leg Series Right
Leg Series Left
Temple Tab Abs
Frogger Crunch
Chair Twist
Prone Heal Tap

Complete one to three rounds. For one round, set your Gymboss timer to 10 rounds 60/30. Between each exercise (during the 30 second interval), do cardio of your choice (high knees, jumping jacks, burpees, jump rope).

My Workout Stats

Total Workout: 41:45
Calories Burned: 394
Max Heart Rate: 162