Real Time Cardio #8 Workout

Real Time Cardio #8 Workout Breakdown

Set your interval timer to 8 rounds 45/60. Each 45 second interval is side jump lunges. The 60 second intervals are the other 4 exercises.

Side Jump Lunges
3 Mountain Climbers & Twisted Crab Touch
Side Jump Lunges
Lunge Forward, Back & Jump Lunge
Side Jump Lunges
Crab to Turn Over and Press
Side Jump Lunges
Squat to Plank Jump

Repeat one more time.

I completed the Real Time Cardio #8 after the Haven’t Had Enough workout. I finished off my workout session by doing two Tabatas: jump rope and Ugi mountain climbers. My complete workout took just over 1 hour and I burned 546 calories.

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