My Workout Today: Haven’t Had Enough and Real Time Cardio 8

Ugi Workout

When we first got home…she looks so little.

Here’s what I did today for my workout. Since I skipped this one from last week’s workout schedule

Haven’t Had Enough Workout
Part 1 (15 rounds 50/10)
Ugi One Arm Burpee: 5.5, 6.5, 6
Sandbag One Leg Deadlift Left: 15, 16, 15
Sandbag One Leg Deadlift Right: 17, 16, 17
Criss Cross Hip Touch: 20, 18, 16
Ugi Jump Lunge with Torso Twist: 17, 19, 16

Part 2 – Ugi Squeeze Pulses – 300 reps for time (I completed this in 5:06 with my 12 lb. Ugi)

This was not as intense as some of the BodyRock workouts.

Then I did Loving Fit’s Real Time Cardio 8. Good one! I finished up with 2 Tabatas: jump rope and Ugi mountain climbers.


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