Free Workout Schedule #4


Here it is…Workout Schedule #4.

Each week I work out 5 of the days and rest 2 days. My rest days vary by my schedule.

Day 1

Let’s Get Dirty Workout – 18 minute HIIT

Bonus – Time to Kick Your Butt Workout – Rep Challenge

I did this as a 7 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible)

Day 2

15 Minute Cardio Sweat: HIIT Body Weight Workout

Day 3

Dragons & Rockets Workout - Rep Challenge

Day 4

Real Time Cardio Intensity #9

Bonus – 4 Minute Fit Body Workout

Day 5

Super Buns & Legs of Steel Workout

And if you want a little extra cardio…

Real Time Cardio 8

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