Free Workout Database

4 Minute Fit Body WorkoutRep Challenge4Heavy DumbbellZuzkaLightQuick, lower body workout with just 2 exercises.
30 Minute Dumbbell WorkoutRep Challenge30DumbbellsMelissa Bender FitnessComplete 8-12 reps of upper body exercises and 15-20 of lower body moves. Between each exercise complete 30 seconds of jump rope or high knees.
All Over Body Training Bomb WorkoutIntervals, AMRAP, Time ChallengeDumbbell, Sandbag, Pull-up BarLoving Fit3 part full-body workout
BodyRipped 4 Minute TabataIntervals, Tabata4DumbbellBodyRippedBurpees and weighted jump squats
Daily Burnout #1: Legs, Butt and Thighs WorkoutIntervals, Lower Body16SandbagTheDailyHiitSquats, lunges and more squats - lower body workout
Fat Burning and Abs Workout Level 1Intervals20DumbbellsBeFitTotal body real time workout, including a warm-up and 4 circuits.
10 Minute Lower Body Cardio HIITIntervals10BodyweightMelissa Bender FitnessLower body cardio HIIT workout using only your bodyweight. Make it 10, 20 or 30 minutes
Dragons and Rockets WorkoutRep ChallengeSandbag or T-BarTheDailyHiitFun and challenging with creative exercises that push you to your limit.
Holy Grail WorkoutIntervals18SandbagHot Body MethodHIIT workout with upper body focus. Creative and challenging.
Let's Get Dirty HIIT WorkotuIntervals18Chair, BodyweightHot Body Method6 exercises and you'll complete 3 rounds of 50/10 intervals
Intervals28Sandbag, Ugi BallHot Body Method28 minute HIIT workout by Melissa Ioja
Real Time Cardio Intensity #9 WorkoutRep Challenge, Intervals20Jump RopeLoving Fit3 part cardio workout, using only a jump rope and interval timer
Sweat Like Crazy WorkoutRep Challenge25Ugi BallTheDailyHiitComplete 10 reps of each exercise before you move onto the next. Beginners complete 3 rounds, intermediate 4 rounds and advanced 5 rounds.
The Walking Dead WorkoutIntervals27BodyweightHot Body MethodChallenging Bodyweight HIIT workout - 27 rounds 10/50
Werk Your Twerk WorkoutIntervals20Sandbag, ChairHot Body MethodLower body HIIT workout
Werk Your Twerk WorkoutIntervals20Sandbag, ChairHot Body MethodThis is a butt burner, especially the "Burn the Bridge" bonus at the end.
Got Sweat? Full Body Fat Burning Bodyweight WorkoutRep ChallengeBodyweightMelissa Bender FitnessFull body rep challenge. Complete 5 burpees between each of the 10 exercises. Modifications for beginner or intermediate
Insanity Challenge Feel This Moment WorkoutIntervals18Dumbbell, Sandbag, StepTheDailyHiit18 minute HIIT workout with lower emphasis.
Insanity Challenge Ready or Not WorkoutIntervals12Sandbag, Step, DumbbellTheDailyHiit18 rounds 30 seconds work, 10 seconds rest or increase it to 24 rounds 50/10 like I did.
It's All You Bodyweight WorkoutIntervals12BodyweightTheDailyHiitLong Jump Burpees, Dive Bombers, Push-up Spider Cross Under, Crab Touch
The 500 Workout - Fat KillerTime Challenge (25-30 minutes)BodyweightYou'll do Frog Jumps, Full Burpees, Knee to Elbow Plank, Push-ups, Mountain Climbers in this 500 rep workout.
23 Minute Full Body Cardio HIITIntervals23BodyweightMelissa Bender Fitness60 seconds for each exercise with 30 seconds high knees between each.
Haven't Had Enough WorkoutIntervals, Rep Challenge21Ugi Ball, SandbagBodyRock.tv2 part workout - 15 minutes of intervals followed by 300 rep challenge (for time)
HIIT, Sweat It, Tone It WorkoutIntervals15DumbbellMelissa Bender FitnessBetween each of the ten exercises, do cardio of your choice (high knees, jumping jacks, burpees, jump rope). Repeat this 15 minute workout 1-3 times.
Let's Focus on Booty WorkoutIntervals, Time ChallengeDumbbells, Balance Ball, SandbagLoving Fit3 part workout that targets the booty
ZWOW #2Time Challenge (15-20 minutes)DumbbellsZuzkaLight3 rounds of manmakers, low burpee hops, twisted push-ups and competition sit-ups.
Natural Sweat Workout - TheHiit #11Intervals12SandbagTheDailyHiitQuick, intense full-body workout that includes clean & press, straight abs, getups and lunges.
No Excuses WorkoutIntervals28Sandbag, Ugi BallHot Body MethodIntense full-body HIIT workout - 28 rounds 10/50
Painfully Delicious - HiitMax #3Intervals18Equalizer, Jump Rope, Ugi, Dumbbells, Sandbag, Dip StationTheDailyHiitRealtime workout alternating strength exercises with skipping. Make it 36 minutes to push it hard.
Put It Down WorkoutIntervals27Sandbag, StepHot Body MethodThis one is perfect if you want to use your sandbag and feel strong. Fun, challenging exercises.
Real Time Cardio #8Intervals14BodyweightLoving Fit8 rounds of 45/60. Every 45 second interval is side jump lunges and the 60 second interval is 4 other exercises.
Real-Time Vivace #86 Full Body WorkoutIntervals21KettlebellVivace Fitness
Realtime Abs and Core Strength WorkoutIntervals11.5Balance BallLoving FitTwo part ab and core workout
Sexier Body WorkoutIntervals24Sandbag, T-Bar or DumbbellsTheDailyHiitFull body HIIT workout using weights
Right There WorkoutAMRAP, Intervals20BodyRock.tvCombines HIIT with AMRAP.
Time to Kick Your Butt WorkoutRep Challenge, Lower BodySandbagTheDailyHiitComplete 15 reps of each exercise before moving onto the next. Variations based on your level. Or make it an AMRAP.
Don't Worry Child HiitLean #6Intervals15Sandbag, EqualizerTheDailyHiitFull body HIIT workout with 15 rounds: 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest.
ZWOW #3 Rooftop WorkoutTime ChallengeDumbbellsZuzkaLightRealtime pyramid workout that burns out your legs and keeps your heart rate up.
ZWOW #4Time Challenge (20-30 minutes)Kettlebell, Jump RopeZuzkaLightRealtime workout: pendulum swings, burpees, squats, kettlebell swings, push-ups with leg twist - 3 rounds for time
ZWOW #7Time Challenge (12-18 minutes)Kettlebell, Jump RopeZuzkaLightComplete 3 rounds for time.
The Body Weight Countdown Home WorkoutRep Challenge (under 20 minutes)BodyweightBlonde PonytailBurpees, squats, push-ups and sit-ups. Start with ten reps of each and repeat all the way down to one. (head back up to 10 for a longer workout)
Bodyweight WOD 16 Minute WorkoutIntervals16BodyweightBodyRippedThere are 8 exercises, done in a superset fashion. You perform each superset twice.
Bodyweight Smack Down WorkoutIntervals21BodyweightBodyRippedSixty second intervals with ten seconds of rest - 18 rounds
Spartacus Workout for WomenIntervals32DumbbellsFit Knit ChickSpartacus workout with a twist to target the triceps, tummy, tush and inner thigh.
The Power Lunch WorkoutIntervals30DumbbellsEquinoxUnique plyometric HIIT workout including Power Jumps, Bear Squats and Swing Release. I did 50R 30/10 (5 times thru with both sides in each round)
Count Down to New You WorkoutIntervals45BodyweightSkinny Ms.Plyometric, bodyweight workout. Each round is 15 minutes - choose 1, 2 or 3 rounds.
Tabata Interval Training Burn Baby Burn: Bender FitnessIntervals, Tabata45DumbbellsMelissa Bender FitnessFull-body workout using short 20 second work intervals. Includes warm-up.
Full Body Yoga StretchYoga16BodyweightMelissa Bender FitnessFull body stretching routine; perfect for runners.
15 Minute Interval: Iso-Plyo WorkoutIntervals15BodyweightMelissa Bender FitnessCombination of isometric and plyometric exercises.
Crazy Home Bootcamp WorkoutIntervals12SandbagBodyRock.tvHere's the Crazy Home Bootcamp Workout video.
New 300 Rep WorkoutTime Challenge (20-25 minutes)Sandbag, Dip Station, Pull-up BarBodyRock.tvTen exercises with 30 reps of each
Cut the Cheese WorkoutIntervals, Rep Challenge14Dip Station, SandbagBodyRock.tvFind the Cut the Cheese workout video.
My Booty Rocks - Hiit Body #2Rep ChallengeEqualizerTheDailyHiitAlternate skipping with bodyweight exercises
Beware of the Burning Monster WorkoutIntervals, Time Challenge, Lower Body (30-38 min.)SandbagLovingFit3 part lower body workout - first two parts intervals and last part is a time challenge.
Fifth Element Abs WorkoutIntervals, Time Challenge, Ab Workout (15-20 minutes)DumbbellsLovingFitThere are 2 parts in this routine, first part is interval training without breaks, and it’s only 4 minutes long. Second part is done for the proper form and time.
Fit Allure Upper Body WorkoutAMRAP, Intervals, Upper Body33Pull-up BarLovingFitChallenging 2-part upper body workout. 1st part: 25 minute AMRAP, 2nd part: 8 minutes of intervals
Holiday Burn-Off WorkoutIntervals26BodyweightLovingFitFull-body HIIT workout with five exercises. Complete six rounds of one exercise before moving onto the next.
Light As Air WorkoutAMRAP, Rep Challenge, Upper Body (20-30 minutes)BodyweightLovingFitThis is a two part upper body workout. Part one is a five minute AMRAP. Part two complete three rounds of four exercises.
Star Power Training WorkoutTime Challenge (30-35 minutes), Lower BodyDumbbellsLovingFitLower body workout full of squats and lunges - three rounds with proper form for time.
The Sexy Spartacus WorkoutIntervals39DumbbellsLovingFitAdaptation of Men's Health Spartacus workout, 60 sec. work, 10 sec rest, 39 rounds
The "I Make Time" WorkoutRep Challenge (under 20 min.)BodyweightSprint 2 the Table8 exercise rep challenge - do 4 rounds for time.
Burn It Off Couplets WorkoutIntervals, Couplets12Sandbag, Dumbbells, EqualizerBodyRock.tv12R 50/10 (advance 18R 50/10) - Couplet 1: Sit-ups Elbows to Knee and Half Burpee 1 Push-up; Couplet 2: Squat & Press and Knee Lift Up Abs; Couplet 3: Curl & Press & Tricep Dips
Can You Hiit Like a Girl?Intervals22BodyweightFitnessBlenderRealtime, plyometric, bodyweight workout. Ten exercises with 4 rounds 20/10 of each before moving onto the next.
Vivace #73 Killer WorkoutIntervals21Dip StationVivaceFitnessPlyometric full-body workout (21 rounds 50/10)
Vivace #69Intervals18Ugi BallVivaceFitnessPlyometric HIIT workout - 18 rounds 50/10
Real-Time Vivace #64Time Challenge (30-40 minutes)BodyweightVivace Fitness22 exercises and 2 times through.
Ten Minute TriumphIntervals10BodyweightThe Lean MachinesThirty second intervals, no rest (high knees, 4 pulse squats, jump lunges, mountain climbers, push-ups, plank, squat thrusts, tricep press-ups, high knees, burpees)
Vivace #65 Three Part WorkoutIntervals, Rep Challenge (20-25 minutes)SandbagVivace FitnessThree part workout that you complete twice through.
Vivace #67 Ugi Ball WorkoutIntervals27Ugi BallVivace FitnessHIIT 20-move workout using an Ugi Ball
Vivace #68Intervals18SandbagVivace FitnessHIIT full-body workout with 18 rounds 50/10.
Jessica Alba Crossfit WorkoutTime Challenge (under 25 min.)10Medicine Ball, Dumbbells, Pull-up barPopSugarCrossfit moves. Try 10 reps of each exercise - 5 rounds thru
Hardcore Holiday Fitness Challenge! Day TwoTime Challenge (25-35 minutes)BodyweightFit VillianLoaded with burpees and tricep dips. 3 rounds for time.
Fat Burning Poker FaceIntervals20Sandbag, Dip StationBodyRock.tvIntense HIIT 20R 50/10 - surfers, round kicks, knee crunches, 1-2-3 push-ups and ninja jumps with sandbag pickup. Add a 5th round to really toast yourself.
ZWOW #1Time Challenge (18-30 min.)BodyweightZuzkaLightFive reps of burpees between dive bombers, squat leg lifts, side plank lift, pistol squats.
ZWOW #48 Holiday Slim Down WorkoutAMRAP12DumbbellsZuzkaLightWeighted jump squats, breakdance push-ups and leg & butt lift
ZWOW #49 365 Rep ChallengeTime Challenge (25-40 min.)DumbbellsZuzkaLight13 exercises with 10 competition burpees between each - that's 130 burpees!
ZWOW #15 WorkoutTime Challenge (20-25 minutes)DumbbellsZuzka LIght5 exercises, 10 rep of each, 5 rounds
ZWOW #31 Circuit Sweat WorkoutTime Challenge (18-25 minutes)BodyweightZuzkaLight3 rounds for time (10 push-ups, 20 Competition Burpees, 30 Jump Squats, 40 Mountain Climbers, 50 Sit-ups)
ZWOW #39 Max Limit WorkoutTime Challenge (10-15 minutes)DumbbellsZuzkaLightThis time challenge includes 3 rounds of side hops, spider, lunge hops and lunge press.
ZWOW #40 Burn It Off WorkoutTime Challenge (10-15 minutes)BodyweightZuzkaLightThis time challenge includes 1-2-3 Burpees, Strict Mountain Climbers, Clapping Push-ups and Air Squats.
ZWOW #42 Cereal Killer WorkoutTime Challenge (15-20 minutes)BodyweightZuzka Light4 rounds (10 Competition Burpees, 20 Low Jacks, 10 Strict Mountain Climbers, 10 Commando Push-ups, 20 Knee Hugs)
ZWOW #43 Switch It Up WorkoutAMRAP12BodyweightZuzkaLightSide Step Ups (15 per leg), One Leg Tricep Dips (10 per leg), One Leg Elevated Lunges (15 per leg), Chair Climbers (10)
ZWOW #45 Big Bang WorkoutTime Challenge (under 15 minutes)DumbbellZuzkaLightBuy into the workout with 30 competition burpees with knee hugs. Then 2 rounds: weighted jump squats, wall stand, row and knee tuck, jump lunge and side kick.
ZWOW #70 Crazy B WorkoutAMRAP10BodyweightZuzkaLightTen minute AMRAP with ninja jump ups, crazy b burpees and one arm press-ups.
Metabolism Boosting HIIT WorkoutIntervals20Dumbbells, Kettlebell, or Sandbag, ChairChristine Salus20 minute HIIT workout - complete 20 different exercises in 50/10 intervals
100 Burpee Time Challenge WorkoutTime Challenge35Dumbbells or KettlebellChristine SalusThe perfect balance between jumping around and strength moves.
MMA Workout (Major Muscle Apocalypse)Intervals20Pullup Bar, Sandbag, Interval TimerBodyRock.tvThis is a 20 minute HIIT workout that moves along quickly. You’ll complete 20 second intervals of 4 exercises – 10 times through.
Show Me the Weight Chest and Back Day TrisetsWeight Training60Gym, Dumbbells, Cable MachineBodybuilding.comThis is a back and chest weight training workout that takes around 60 minutes.

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