100 Burpee Time Challenge Workout


I wasn’t going to workout today and for sure wasn’t going to pick one that had a lot of jumping or burpees.

Well, sometimes plans change.


Workout Recap

Oh my! I loved this workout. It had the perfect balance of jumping around and strength moves plus it kept my heart rate up the whole time. My 10 star burpees at the end must have look pretty pathetic, because I was beat.

I used 20 pounds for the weighted moves and it was the perfect amount for this workout. My goal was to focus on deep squats and that’s why I opted for the 20 lbs instead of using my 40 lb sandbag.

I completed the pushups from my knees. The entire workout took me 33:10.48 and left me dripping in sweat and a beet red face.

Workout Stats

Weight: 20 pounds (2 – 10 pound weights from my T-bar)
Calories Burned: 496
Max Heart Rate: 169
Total Workout Time (including warmup and cool down): 44:59

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