Daily Burnout #1: Legs, Butt and Thighs Workout – Workout #2


It’s been a crazy couple of weeks (read more about it on Give Me Neither). I’ve been getting my workouts in, but haven’t had the time to post about it.

Here’s the 2nd workout that I did on Wednesday after the Werk Your Twerk workout. It’s also a lower body focused workout.


Workout Recap

Squats with Sandbag: 26, 24
Wide Leg Squats with Sandbag: 24, 25
Lunge Left with Sandbag: 23, 18
Lunge Right with Sandbag: 39, 19
Left Leg Step Knee Ups with Sandbag: 15, 17
Right Leg Step Knee Ups with Sandbag: 16, 19
Squat and Side Oblique Lift with Sandbag: 16, 19
Squat and Press with Sandbag: 16, 16

I used my 40 lb Sandbag for this workout, but switched to my 12 lb Ugi ball for the lunges in the 2nd round. I also kept stepping out of lunge position rather than just going up and down. That’s why my lunge numbers are rather inconsistent.

I felt under the weather the day that I did this workout and definitely wasn’t able to push myself like usual.

I paired this with the Werk Your Twerk workout and you’ll find the workout stats there.

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