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Ultimate Sandbag in Pink

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I have the Ultimate Sandbag power package in pink and use it almost every time I workout. The 20% off coupon code Summer20 drops the price to $98.49, including shipping.

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Increase Your Intensity HiitReps #20 – My Workout Today


Short and sweet workout for today. I didn’t feel like jumping around today and this one fit the bill. I love that it includes some old school BodyRock moves.

Workout Recap

I completed 5 rounds. Here is my time and my split for each round.

Increase Your Intensity Workout

I used my dip station, 40 lb Sandbag and used my 12 lb Ugi Ball for the front raise squats. For the dips, I put my Ugi ball out in front of my dip station and rested my feet on it.

Workout Stats

Total Workout Time: 22:05
Calories Burned: 197 calories
Max Heart Rate: 161

Perfect workout for today.

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2 Week Jump Start Begins Today (Including Printables)

Two-Week-Jump-Start Last year I lost 35 pounds following the guidelines in Jackie Warner’s book This Is Why You’re Fat. Losing weight is a struggle for me and this plan worked for me. I could not believe how the weight came off. I’ve kept most of the weight off (except about 6-7 pounds) and want to lose an additional 45 pounds.

It’s been about a year since I’ve seen the scale go down. We dealt with adoption loss and waiting last summer at this time and emotionally I just haven’t been there. It’s been almost 6 months since we’ve gotten home with Lindiwe and routine is coming back into our lives.

I’m ready (and I’m posting it here so I can’t back out)! I work my tail off 5 days a week working out and want to shed the layer over those hard-earned muscles. The extra jiggle I feel when doing burpees or jump squats, I’m not digging it.

Today is the day that I’m starting the 2 Week Jump Start with Jackie’s plan.

I’ve put together a printable to make it as easy as possible.

2 Week Jump Start Chart Black & White printable
2 Week Jump Start Chart Color printable

The reason I’m jumping back on this plan…
It works. It’s simple. And it’s easy to make foods that work for the entire family.

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Holy Grail Workout – My Workout Today

Here’s the workout that I completed today.

Workout Recap

I modified this Burn Fat Fast Tabata for my warm-up and cool down today.
Set my timer to 12 rounds 10/20.
Jumping Jacks
Squat Thrusts
High Knees
Modified Push-ups

Onto the workout…instead of 21 rounds, I changed it to 28 rounds.

Spiderman Kick Through: 4.5, 4.5, 5, 4.5
3 Jump Lunges and Kick Out: 8, 9, 10, 8
Toe Touch Burpees: 4, 4, 4, 4
Plank Walk Get Ups: 4, 4, 4, 4
Straight Leg Crunches: 16, 19, 23, 24 (alternated heels on ground every 5 reps)
Low Step Backs with Sandbag: 18, 16, 18, 18
Over Unders: 8, 8, 10, 8

This workout was upper body heavy which is my struggle. Even though my heart didn’t get super high, this was a challenging workout…a great way to continue to build upper body strength.

My proud moment: I could do the Spiderman Kick Throughs!

Workout Stats

Total Workout Time: 46:30
Calories Burned: 446
Max Heart Rate: 162

I’d love for you to share your scores below or let me know what workout you did today. What was your proud moment?

4 Minute Fit Body Workout – Rep Challenge


Here’s a quick workout from Zuzka Light that I completed after Real Time Cardio Intensity #9 on Saturday.


Workout Recap

My legs were dead that this point in my workout. I completed one full round and then did an addition 30 reps of sumo squats per side. I used my 40 lb Sandbag.

Check out my workout stats here.

Real Time Cardio Intensity #9 – My Workout Today


Here’s my workout for today. It’s a cardio HIIT workout with 3 parts.

First I’ll share how it’s written on Loving Fit. In the workout recap, I’ll share how I modified it.

Workout Recap

I wanted a slightly longer workout so I added 2 extra rounds to each part.

Part One
8 rounds 35/15
2 Twist Jumps, Drop Down, Roll Over, Push Off – 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4

Crab Jump Kicks – 20 reps
Crab Toe Touches – 30 reps

Part Two
8 rounds 35/15
Plank Side Jumps and Push Off: 6, 6, 6, 6
High Knees with Jump Rope: 36, 40, 37, 33

Crab Jump Kicks – 20 reps
Crab Toe Touches – 30 reps

Part Three
8 rounds 35/15
2 Side Jump Lunges Jump Up & Side Jump Lunge: 10, 10, 10, 10, 8, 10 , 10, 10

Crab Jump Kicks – 20 reps
Crab Toe Touches – 30 reps

I added the 4 Minute Fit Body workout (I’ll share it later).

Workout Stats

Total Time: 42:43
Calories Burned: 505
Max Heart Rate 171

Dragons & Rockets Workout – Rep Challenge

Here’s my workout of the day. It’s FUN and challenging.

Dragons & Rockets Workout Tutorial

Workout Recap

I started with a Tabata to warmup.

Dragon Walks (not jumps)
Rocket Launches (with 40 lb Sandbag)
Superman Power Ups (all with my feet leaving the floor; most with my hands too)
1 Leg Burpee Combo
Leg Drop Crunch

I completed 5 rounds in 27:11.5.
Round 1: 5:36
Round 2: 5:24.8
Round 3: 5:49.4
Round 4: 5:28.1
Round 5: 4:52.7 (woot!)

My proud moment…when I realized that I could do the superman power ups. I love them!

I finished up my workout today with the same Tabata that I warmed up with, stability balls crunches and wood choppers and stretching.

After dinner, I showed the boys Melissa doing the dragon walks (aka jumps) and we had so much fun trying all sorts of exercises. Jack (my 5 year old) performed a perfect burpee and Kaden (my 7 year old) mastered a ninja jump tuck.

Workout Stats

Total Workout Time: approx. 50 minutes with a child needing assistance after my warmup :)
Calories Burned: 476
Max Heart Rate 166
Sandbag Weight: 40 lb

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Time to Kick Your Butt Workout – Rep Challenge


Here’s the workout that I completed after Let’s Get Dirty Workout.

Workout Recap

I completed this as a 7 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) because I needed to go pick up the boys from school. It’s a perfect workout for an AMRAP and I pushed myself.

I got through 2 full rounds + the sandbag swings, squat & press and 13 jump squats in round 3. I used my 40 lb. sandbag.

Checkout my workout stats over here.


Free Workout Schedule #4


Here it is…Workout Schedule #4.

Each week I work out 5 of the days and rest 2 days. My rest days vary by my schedule.

Day 1

Let’s Get Dirty Workout – 18 minute HIIT

Bonus – Time to Kick Your Butt Workout – Rep Challenge

I did this as a 7 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible)

Day 2

15 Minute Cardio Sweat: HIIT Body Weight Workout

Day 3

Dragons & Rockets Workout - Rep Challenge

Day 4

Real Time Cardio Intensity #9

Bonus – 4 Minute Fit Body Workout

Day 5

Super Buns & Legs of Steel Workout

And if you want a little extra cardio…

Real Time Cardio 8

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Let’s Get Dirty HIIT Workout – My Workout Today


Here’s the first part of my workout today.

Workout Recap

Push-up with Side Elbow Tuck: 8, 10, 7 (knees for push-up)
2 Jumps, Jump Tuck: 10, 11, 12 (I took out the 3 push-ups)
3 Jump Lunge Kick Out: 11, 11, 14
Jumping Mountain Climbers: 40, 41, 42
One Leg Push-up with Twist: 6, 8, 9 (knees)
Elevated Plank Knee Drive Reptile: 14, 14, 16

I also completed a 7 minute AMRAP of the Time to Kick Your Butt workout. I only had that much time left before I needed to pick up the boys. After we got back home, we headed to the park. I walk/ran while pushing the Burley with Lindi and the boys rode their bike (total trip about 4 miles).

Workout Stats

Indoor Workouts
Total Time: 31:51
Calories Burned: 384
Max Heart Rate: 172

Total Time: 1:00.1
Calories Burned: 429
Max Heart Rate: 152